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Academic offers:

  • Art/Animation workshops for creatives of all age groups.

  • Digital design workshops for scientists.

  • Lecture series/Seminar on developing explainer animation from scientific research.

Artist offers:

  • Explainer animations for scientific and social awareness projects. This includes consultation for idea generation, creative direction, script-writing (English and German), storyboarding, and animation.

  • Visual content development for websites, presentations, and other publications. These include icons, characters, illustrations, and infographics.

To summarize:


My skills: 2D animation, motion graphics, illustration, storyboarding, art direction, and content development.

Software: Adobe C.C Adobe After effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Procreate.

Languages: I speak 4 languages (Bangla, English, German, Hindi). I prefer to do my academic work in English.

My latest projects

Contact me

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Naima Alam



I'm currently located in Tübingen Germany. I am open to remote projects or ones in this region.

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